Matthieu Livrieri (b. in Grenoble, France 1999) testifies to his own life. By considering that life is art, he uses his personal experiences to create a testimony of his time through painting.

Matthieu Livrieri’s artistic practice is driven by his profound desire to immerse viewers in vibrant and unfiltered imagery, presenting a rich tapestry of his lived experiences. Working seamlessly across the realms of drawing and painting, Livrieri allows each medium to inform and inspire the other, resulting in a visually distinctive and stylized language of expression.

Through fractured perspectives and an exuberant interplay of colors, every artwork captures a singular moment of solitude, offering viewers a fresh and exhilarating perception of both space and subject. His artistic approach becomes a conduit for connecting the viewer to his unique visual narrative, one that merges the tangible and intangible in a captivating and introspective twist.